. All Peacekeeping is Local: Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness. International Studies Quarterly, 2021.

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. Rethinking Democratic Diffusion: Bringing Regime Type Back In. Comparative Political Studies, 2019.

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. Democracy in Reverse: The 2016 General Election in Zambia. Africa Spectrum, 2016.

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Selected Projects

Purges: How Dictators Fight to Survive (book manuscript)

“The Effects of Elite Purges on a Dictator’s Popular Approval: An Online Survey Experiment in Turkey”

“Brothers in Arms No Longer: Who Do Regime Change Coup-Entry Dictators Purge?” (with Austin S. Matthews)

North Korea’s Succession from Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un: Empowering the Leader and Elite Regeneration (book manuscript, with Peter Ward)

“Elite Management Before Autocratic Leader Succession: Evidence from North Korea” (with Peter Ward)

“Do We Have a Deal? Inferring Closed Autocracies’ Intentions Through Sentiment Analysis of Propaganda” (with Ji Yeon (Jean) Hong)

“China’s Surveillance State at Home & Abroad: The Development & Global Export of Chinese Policing Technology” (with Sheena Chestnut Greitens)


Comparative Institutions and Public Policy | York | Fall 2021, Fall 2022
     Evaluation Fall 2021
Spatial Interdependence in Theory and Practice (lab instructor) | IPSA-USP | Spring 2018

Political Enquiry in Politics | York | Spring 2022
Introduction to Democratic Politics | York | Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Comparative Political Systems | Mizzou | Spring 2019