Selected Projects

“Elite Purges in Dictatorships” (book manuscript, working title)

“The Effects of Elite Purges on Attempted and Successful Coups”

“Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness” (with Michael Hendricks and Bryce Reeder)


Teaching Instructor
PS2700 - Comparative Political Systems, Spring 2019.
     Syllabus; Teaching evaluation

Lab Instructor
IPSA-USP: Basics of Spatial Interdependence in Theory and Practice, Spring 2018.
     Teaching evaluation
PS3000 - Introduction to Political Research, Fall 2017.
PS2700 - Comparative Political Systems, Fall 2016.

Teaching Assistant
PS4700 - America’s Wars in Asia, Spring 2017.
PS4770 - Comparative Political Behavior, Spring 2016.
PS1100 - American Government, Fall 2015.