. Brothers in Arms No Longer: Who Do Regime Change Coup-Entry Dictators Purge?. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2023.

Dataset Source Document

. All Peacekeeping is Local: Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness. International Studies Quarterly, 2022.

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. Rethinking Democratic Diffusion: Bringing Regime Type Back In. Comparative Political Studies, 2020.

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. Democracy in Reverse: The 2016 General Election in Zambia. Africa Spectrum, 2016.

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Selected Projects

Purges: How Dictators Fight to Survive (book manuscript)

“The Effects of a Scapegoating Purge on Autocratic Popular Approval: Evidence from Turkey”

“The Effects of Blame Shifting Strategies Following Large-scale Disasters: Evidence from Turkey” (with Jonas Willibald Schmid and Fulya Apaydin)

Authoritarian Survival and Leadership Succession in North Korea and Beyond (book manuscript, with Peter Ward) - conditionally accepted with The Cambridge Elements series on Politics and Society in East Asia

“The Varieties of Regular Leadership Transitions in Autocracies” (with Austin S. Matthews and Peter Ward)

“Rules to Live (and Die) By: Introducting the Global Succession Rules Dataset” (with Anne Meng)


Asia Pacific: Zone of Conflict or Peace? | Melbourne | Spring 2024
Comparative Institutions and Public Policy | York | Fall 2021, Fall 2022, Fall 2023
Spatial Interdependence in Theory and Practice (lab instructor) | IPSA-USP | Spring 2018

Comparative Politics | Melbourne | Fall 2024
Empirical Research Design | York | Fall 2023
Political Enquiry | York | Spring 2022
Introduction to Democratic Politics | York | Fall 2021, Fall 2022
Comparative Political Systems | Mizzou | Spring 2019