“Elite Purges in Dictatorships” (book manuscript, working title)

“Keep Your Enemies Close: Purging or Retaining Disloyal Elites?”

“Measuring Subnational Variation in Peacekeeping Effectiveness” (with Michael Hendricks and Bryce Reeder)

“Does Peacekeeping Lead to Peaceful Elections? UN Peacekeeping and Election Violence, 1995-2011” (with Bryce Reeder)


Teaching Instructor
PS2700 - Comparative Political Systems, Spring 2019.
     Syllabus; Teaching evaluation

Lab Instructor
IPSA-USP: Basics of Spatial Interdependence in Theory and Practice, Spring 2018.
     Teaching evaluation
PS3000 - Introduction to Political Research, Fall 2017.
PS2700 - Comparative Political Systems, Fall 2016.

Teaching Assistant
PS4700 - America’s Wars in Asia, Spring 2017.
PS4770 - Comparative Political Behavior, Spring 2016.
PS1100 - American Government, Fall 2015.